Konan Murad

“How can dreams understand what our customer’s needs are and tailor the upsell and cross sell experiences based on this on our app?”

Method we used to reach our goal within the group

  • Miro brainstorming about ideas and how to structure the project.
  • Sprint techniques to make sure everyone was on the same page everyday and knew what they were supposed to do.
  • Conducted user interviews and created specific questions for dreams users, non users and ex-users.
  • User research, divided current users, non users & ex-users interview answers for better insights.
  • Analyze and compare gathered data.
  • Miro & Figma, low – high fidelity prototyping.
  • Agile methodology, double diamond. Iterative testing before every stage.


Would different themes adapt to different people?

Would a mascot make the app more entertaining?

Can more features and help guides get the impression of getting users to use dreams for more than a month?


  • We started off by looking into what different peoples saving habits were and started collecting data on that.
  • we looked into dreams reviews on different app stores to try to identify a problem that users had.
  • looked into other apps similar to dreams, how they operated and how they worked and if they had similar problems or if they had the same problems and resolved them.

Conducted last minute interviews

The questions were about how to handle scenarios tied to the hypotheses, to be able to personalize appearances on apps, websites and the benefits of these, how mascots generally affect experiences in different forms. Whether guidance affects one’s understanding of services and experiences.

Resemblance & similarities for validating our hypotheses

Gathered all the interview answers – 15 interviews

Building up some resemblance or similarities between the answers to identify important data which will go towards validating our hypotheses.

  • Misleading guide, short and boring.
  • More colour scheme options, main causes were irritation on the eyes and colour blindness duo to problems identifiying important colour meanings.
  • Brighter colours to make reading more bearable.
  • Piggy bank effect.



From the results we gathered, we could answer our hypotheses, providing Dreams with useful information about understanding their customers needs and how to further improve the app.

  • Data we gathered showed that people have different tastes and they would appreciate the choice to be able to choose for themselves what the app would look like.
  • Mascots makes the app more fun and more informative with small app related information here and there as long as it does not become “too much”. User interviews gave insights about the piggy bank effect and how a mascot could fit that role and be associated with the app so that you can identify the app more easily.
  • Users want to be able to learn the app quickly and easily, which is why they want to be able to have simple and informative tutorials. Interactive tutorial can allow the user to learn by testing.