Konan Murad

Game Design

Konan Murad

Dedicated level designer & experience designer.


Stormfoot Catacombs WIP

Recreating Stormfoot Catacombs from Elden Ring. I created 3 simple obstacles and a puzzle.


Open World Demo

This concept is to showcase a world design and level around a specific theme. Intro into how to guide a player from point A to B.

Screenshot (332)

Hill of Swords

Created a speed level design and environment that utilizes big open space with megascan assets in EU5

Game Jams


Save yourself by showing love to your enemies and turning them into cute friendly furballs!


Role: Level designer

Engine: Unity

Team size: 7

Project duration: 48h

Dream Catch

Collect key artifacts and bring them back to your bed so that you can escape the lucid dream.


Role: Level designer

Engine: UE4

Team size: 6

Project duration: 168h

Hi, I’m Konan.

I specialize in level design and user experience design. Based in Stockholm, Sweden. Currently studying at Changemaker Educations as a User Experience Designer.


I find problems and create solutions based on design strategy methods. If I’m combining pre-existing ideas and knowledge or creating something new. My creativity stems from research, reading books, watching interesting movies, and researching unique games.