Game Concept

Open World Demo

MMO RPG development concept, a solo project

Demo level based on WDD & GDD



The main purpose of this demo is to provide a unique game that can utilize effective player progression and good game environment.


The main objective of the map demo is to defeat the enemies occupying an ancient empire castle and head to the village afterwards. There are 7 total objectives but some are optional and others are apart of the same flow. Making it a total of 5 objectives that the player needs to accomplish in order to progress into the campaign.

Level Flow Chart

This flow chart is for both overall and individual OCRs. When and where the player starts, what they will encounter along the way of the demo and how the player can win/end the game.

Level Layout

The overall Level Layout for the map. Based on the story written and environments on where certain enemies are located.

Grayboxing UE5

Started this project originally on UE5. Started with gray boxing the map based on the Level Layout. Placed decorations afterward as castle remains and took a linear map approach.

  • The player can only follow a certain path, unable to traverse from it.
  • The project failed on build and needed to be downgraded to UE4, image below shows overall progress with UE5 before file corruption

UE4 Level Design

Used and implemented further upon a UE4 marketplace map. Also Created enemy dummies to test with, missing dominants in this project example. This test uses an open-world approach where the player can traverse from the main objective.

Procedural generation

Designed an entire open world demo map, hand placed mountains & tower dominant. The foliage is procedurally generated based on the ground materials used. As of now a playable level is missing but will eventually be added in later iterations. The player can freely explore the world.

  • Open world approach. The player can explore the map freely, able to traverse from the main objective.
  • Procedural generated foliage
  • Dominant tower showcase, main area to reach for each level.
  • Built on UE4

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