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UE5 | AI Dash Ability

Working with FCS system. Adding AI dash ability, health system, custom attack animations and stat attributes.

UE5 | Level Up System

Working with FCS system. Reworking level up system to match modern RPG titles. Choose what skills to upgrade and scale bar sizes to match the attributes.

UE5 | Movement system

Combination of systems. FCS, ALS, Climbing System, Parkour System.

UE5 | Blueprint exercise

Testing to recreate simple nier AI logic. Following, shooting, random shots and ultimate special moves using timeline animations.

UE4 | General exercise

UE4 Souls like boss fight. Focused on learning the fundamentals about player movement, animations, collisions, and AI behavior tree. UE4 Introduction game

Unity | Rhythm Game

The rhythm game is a solo project inspired by Beat Saber. I worked with BPM for music sync, created hit events with particle system explosions, losing, winning events, score system and UI Menu.


Project duration: 1 month

Screenshot (16)

TTS | We come in peace​

We come in peace is a group project taking over a span of 4 weeks. Delivering a unique board game for World Beyond War, suited for all ages, educating about war not being the only solution to problems. Tools that we used for the project are Miro for brainstorming, Photoshop to create cards and TTS for game testing. Available to test on Steam workshop, Table Top Simulator

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