Konan Murad

About Hill of Swords

The Hill of Swords is a speed-level design project in which I try to create a suitable level for a fight between two characters under 48 hours. The gameplay is fairly similar to the open world demo and the soul’s games as both originate from berserk. The tools I used were primarily Figma mood board, UE5 level design gray boxing, environmental design, megascans, and blender for 3d models.

Game concept

Recreating the PS2 and manga level from berserk where Guts and Zodd battle each other in UE5 environment. 


I had to research mostly on how the PS2 battle was done and the manga chapters to where this scene takes place. Simple concept gameplay mechanics from the open world demo projects were used to save time. I then began to create a mood board with a collection of references to use for the next process.

Low fidelity

Created low fidelity prototype in the engine to get a glimpse of how an up climb to a hill can look like using boxes to quickly decorate the level on where to walk, ramps based on the source material, and the overall size of the path up to the hill of swords

High Fidelity

Replacing grey boxes one at a time with mega scan meshes. Using nanite to create a fully playable level instead of block-outs to save time and performance when working with high quality assets in UE5.

Final results. Total time spent, 18 hours.