Konan Murad

About the open world demo

The open world demo was a semi introduction project in which I had to work with basic level design tools. The methods and tools used were brainstorming, mood board, low fidelity sketches, high fidelity levels, and grey boxing.

Game concept

The demo game is an RPG based on Aincrad, the floating castle concept. The player finds themselves in lost relics guarded by monsters of the castle, lurking within the ruins. The mission objective is to kill these monsters and head to a nearby town.


What type of game concept I made depended heavily on the world design document. the world I designed is a combination between souls games and regular mmo rpg games. I used reference images to create the concept for the game.

Sketches, charts and diagrams

After the world, story, and the game design document. I decided it was time to design a quest fitting for the game concept based on the mechanics of the player character. I made several iterations, first being linear based and the last iteration being an open world based quest mission. Created mission difficulty, metrics, progression, mission flow, and mission beat chart.

Grey boxing

Grey boxing the level based on previous sketches and quests. I also implemented different compositions to guide the player’s eye in different directions with decorations in later iterations.