Konan Murad

About PurPurLove

PurPurLove was a part of Global Game Jam 2022, hosted by Forsbergskolan. My role as a level designer was to create concepts, sketches, prototypes, and 2D environmental design. The jam period was for 48 hours.

Game concept

Save yourself by showing love to your enemies and turning them into cute friendly furballs! PurPurLove is an endless 2D topdown game where you shoot your love at cats and score points!


Spent the few first hours brainstorming and coming up with a game concept. We decided on an endless 2D top-down game in unity engine. The concept would include the global game jam 2022 theme and 4 diversifiers which were a set of rules the game must follow and implement. Started to create an early sketch based on the game concept created after brainstorming.

Low fidelity

Tasks with creating a level suitable for the endless game mode. Created two types of concepts, a sketch by screen size to easier measure the tile in 2D space and for the artists to create accurate image sizes for the game. I also put together every aspect of the game and color-coded them. To visualize how it would look and mark where certain obstacles would already be places to playtest quicker on later iteration.

High fidelity

The map is the size of the canvas on image reference, a size of 9, 16:9 screen sizes. The player is allowed to run around inside the game boundary. I also used tight spaces with secret holes underneath benches to make it more thrilling for exploration and high score chasers. The more the player stays alive the more enemies spawn in. Lastly, before game submission, I conducted two playtest feedback sessions and improved the map further by applying the insights gathered to the game level.