Game Design

Game Design

Here you can find Game Design related projects

Level Design CV

UE5 – Boss level

Created a level and environment that utilizes big open space for boss fights with megascan assets

Recreated a scene from berserk into a level in UE5, Guts vs Zodd with a documentation video showcasing work progress. Successfully made a playable level in 2 days, under 18 hours.


GGJ22 – PurPurLove

Save yourself by showing love to your enemies and turn them into cute friendly fur balls!

Role: Level Designer

Assignment: Concept design, map design and particle effect design


UE4 | Open World Demo

MMO RPG level concept development. 

This concept is to showcase a world and story around a specific theme and how to successfully guide a player through a massive world from beginning to end

Demo Case

Unreal Engine | Souls like

UE4 Souls like boss fight.

Focused on learning the fundamentals about player movement, animations, collisions and AI behavior tree. UE4 Introduction game 

Unity | Rhythm Game

Rhythm game is a project inspiration from Beat Saber.

I worked with BPM for music sync, hit event particle system explosions, and the built-in render pipeline to get that glowing effect. Unfinished game available for free on

TTS | We come in peace​

We come in peace is a group project taking over a span of 4 weeks.

Delivering a unique board game for World Beyond War, suited for all ages, educating about war not being the only solution to problems. Tools that we used for the project are Miro for brainstorming, Photoshop to create cards and TTS for game testing. Available to test on Steam workshop, Table Top Simulator

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